African Black Soap: Peppermint 16 oz.

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African Black Soap: Peppermint is a powerhouse of great properties for your skin. African black soap is a natural cure for stubborn acne and pimples. It balances the oil in your skin and controls oil production. It fights blackheads and zits. The ash in black soap is commonly used to heal cuts and abrasions and heal acne scars. The plantain skins in the soap provide valuable vitamins A and E and iron for your skin. They improve the overall health of your skin and make it smoother. African soap has many other beneficial uses. It heals problem skin. The soap is good for filling in and thinning out fine lines. It lightly exfoliates your skin and gives you a healthy glow. It cures stubborn body odor and leaves behind a clean, fresh scent. It is good for all types of skin; whether you have oily dry or normal skin. It will help clear up skin rashes. It cleans hair and leaves it shiny, soft and manageable. It is also good for irritated scalps. It has UV protection that protects against sunburns that lead to skin cancer. The shea butter also makes the soap great for treating dry skin. When used for shaving the soap leaves you with soft, smooth skin. The soap is also very good for people with sensitive skin. It is also a good option for babies and the frail skin of the elderly. Peppermint oil invigorates the skin. It has a fresh, clean, sweet scent. Peppermint oil is also known to improve self-esteem, stimulate hair, and clear the respiratory tract and sinuses. It also has anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It makes a natural insecticide. It is known to minimize scars as well. Get the combined benefits of black soap and peppermint in this African black soap: peppermint today. For protection during shipping and from temperature changes, the lid for this product may be taped on when you receive it. The tape is normally removed very easily. Proudy Made in the USA with African Black Soap imported from Ghana. M-S106